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Golf "Fore" Parkinson's

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

For this fundraiser I grabbed my golf bag instead of my guitar cases and ball markers and golf tees instead of guitar picks and microphones! Even before I started playing music and writing songs, I was always a golfer, a passion instilled in me by my Dad who is a Professional! Hitting my first golf balls at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, NJ at the age of 2 and as the only girl on my High School Golf Team all four years and Captain Senior Year, I knew Golf “Fore” Parkinson's was a cool way for me to combine charity work and a sport I love in a joint effort between The Light of Day Foundation and the Gianluca Russo family in honor of their mom Joan. For me, I had a great time playing best ball with THREE generations of the Christos family and a "beat the drummer" hitting contest with Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez, the multi-instrumental back-up band member to Bruce Springsteen in the E Street Band! I've since learned that playing golf improves balance and falls and improves mobility in Parkinson's patients and plus it's fun, I will always make it part of my workouts and encourage more girls to join the sport!

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