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Music United Against Bullying & Teen Suicide, The Listening Room in Phoenix, AZ

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I was so honored to be invited to play in a three-day music festival out West to raise money & awareness for anti-bullying campaigns and teen suicide prevention work. The event was created by Music United, an organization founded by children’s rights advocate and Rock Photographer David Cottle. I met all of these awesome kids - Ally Owens, Jake Cannon, Brayden Kesling, Tia Penny and more as we joined together for a show at Jim Colletti and Adam Smith's beautiful Listening Room in Phoenix! This festival brought hundreds of performers to the stage over the three days of shows at multiple venues and our group was blown away to have the chance to play this incredible room, completely wired with BOSE stereo sound to the max. This venue was so special to all of us as our audience was totally silent for the show, absorbed in every note we played and listening closely as we talked about our own experiences and our hopes for tomorrow's youth quake against bullying. It was an emotional night for all of us.

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